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They began as a vehicle for the blues visions of tragic genius Peter Green, continued through fascinating, often overlooked, transitional records during the early Seventies with Jeremy Spencer, Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch, and hit an astonishing peak when songbird Christine McVie, mad drummer Mick Fleetwood and ultra-reliable bassman John McVie hooked up with the Southern California songwriting team of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. Nicks later speculated that it was chosen to assuage her because it was one of her own compositions, written before she joined the group.

Fleetwood Mac have exerted a massive influence on country music, with artists from the Dixie Chicks to Little Big Town covering them.

The rootsier alternate take is a gem among the extras on the reissue of Mirage. Written by Peter Green shortly before he left Fleetwood Mac, this miasmic proto-metal blues freakout was inspired by a dream that Green had while on mescaline, in which he was visited by a green dog that represented money. He recorded the song alone, turning his guitar down until it emitted an ugly rumble as he yammered another thinly veiled screed about his relationship with Nicks.

Fleetwood Mac -- "Say You Love Me"

It was a concept piece on that level. There was nothing for John or Christine to do.


Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac)

Guitarist Danny Kirwan was in Fleetwood Mac for only a brief period; he was a Peter Green acolyte brought on when he was just 18 years old. It was more than just a link between different generations of California rock; it was a sincere tribute. Man of the World for his full sad story. His girlfriend, Carol Ann Harris, recalled Nicks bringing it to the band, only to receive venomous criticism by Buckingham that led to a screaming battle. But Buckingham had already written a handful of songs for a follow-up.

The idea came from Santana keyboardist Gregg Rollie. The four musicians cut two demos together: Nicks collaborator and Eighties synth-rock also-ran Sandy Stewart penned the harmony-soaked tune, and the demo was the first song Nicks presented to the band for Tango in the Night. Deliberately so. Makes no sense.

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Perfect for this record. In , L.

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After Welch left the band, a somewhat slicker version of the song recorded with Buckingham, Christine and Fleetwood became a solo hit for him. It remains a beloved soft-rock chestnut. He was funny, sweet — and he was smart. McVie later described the ease with which she composed her songs on Rumours: Nor do I think I would want to. I am someone who values musical themes. Someone who feels there should be a consistency from night to night with something. Oh Well, Part 1 Fleetwood Mac.

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Say You Love Me Sheet Music by Fleetwood Mac

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Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac song) - Wikipedia

Quick Details. Voice, range: MN Lyrics: Contains complete lyrics. Add to wish list. Shortly after the release of Mr. Wonderful , Fleetwood Mac added guitarist Danny Kirwan, the first of many lineup shifts which would mark the multiple phases as this bands long and successful career.

Buy Fleetwood Mac. Green was so impressed with the recordings that he suggested that they all break from Mayall and start their own group. When Fleetwood and McVie were hesitant to make the move, Green enticed them by naming the new group Fleetwood Mac after the rhythm players. A year later, the new group released the initial Fleetwood Mac album, a pure blues record that was a Top 5 success in their native UK, despite having no singles.

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A second album, Mr. Wonderful , followed soon after with the addition of some keyboards and horns. Green had a bad experience with LSD which apparently contributed to the onset of schizophrenia and he had to leave the group in The early s brought much more change for Fleetwood Mac. Between and the group released six albums with five different lineups. In , Welch convinced the group to relocate from England to Los Angeles, which led to a new recording contract with Warner Brothers.

However, after the release of Heroes Are Hard to Find in September , Welch abruptly left the band, leaving the three remaining members scrambling to find a replacement. Buckingham agreed only if his musical partner and girlfriend Stevie Nicks also become part of the band, and the classic Fleetwood Mac lineup was officially in place on the last day of Within a month, the quartet was in the recording studio, working on arrangements of individual compositions for a new album, co-produced by Olsen.

This soulful ballad, built on electric piano and a nice, subtle mixture of acoustic and calmly picked electric guitars, was released as the lead single from the album in the UK. The song is lyrically based on a Welsh legend of a goddess who possesses a woman. This soft and mysterious ballad lays nicely on top of a thumping bass line by John McVie and rich group vocal harmonies during the hook.

Buckingham adds slight guitar leads in the spaces where needed, making for an all around great song, which peaked at 11 on the pop charts in the summer of This track also features some non-standard rhythms, especially the bongos played by Fleetwood subtly in the background. While written by Nicks and originally featured on the Buckingham Nicks LP, this track features Buckingham on lead vocals with Nicks adding much backing harmony throughout. Led by Christine McVie, the song features pleasant melodies and harmonies and a classic minimal guitar lead by Buckingham, all making for the third big from this album.

With a simple arrangement featuring fingerpicked acoustic with the slightest guitar overdubs by Buckingham and exquisite vocals rendering the philosophical lyrics by Nicks. Reserved, sparse and beautiful the song paints a great lyrically scenery and features a great, distant electric guitar lead, which perfectly fits the vibe and mood of the song. Following the massive success of Rumours in , interest in this album was re-ignited and it eventually was certified 5x platinum in sales. Tango In the Night is the fifth and final studio album by successful quintet that brought sustained stardom for Fleetwood Mac.

Like their previous four albums, it found popular success driven by the angst and inner turmoil of the band and resulted in the parting of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham soon after its release.