Mac black screen with blinking cursor

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  1. Windows 7 64 bootcamp black screen/blinking cursor for ages pre-boot
  2. Mac - Mac boots to a black screen with cursor
  3. Step 1: Power the Mac down
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I've seen a couple other howto's posted on this with different fixes too, with varying results, so next time I'll have to try this one out as well. Great commentary "paying attention to spaces" and I like the closing explanation of what the whole process does.

Windows 7 64 bootcamp black screen/blinking cursor for ages pre-boot

Scott, it seems to be though no guarantees. I haven't seen this issue pop up twice on the same Mac yet. The problem seems to be with the way updates are performed in Somewhere in the second or third step things seem to go wonky. I also joined just to say thanks a million.

Mac - Mac boots to a black screen with cursor

A little research indicates that I should have not had my second screen plugged in to one of the thunderbolt ports until after the re-install. This fix worked SO well that I no longer have to unplug the thunderbolt screen before a reboot. Working just how you expect a Mac to work. Simple and brilliant. Merci bien.

FIXED Apple black screen of death, cursor top left log in after boot

I am not a tech geek, and it is the first time i take chances and type commands in the black page with white letters i don't even know what it is called. I have tried everything for the last two days, up to the extent that i replaced the ram battery of the mac mini! I have never even replaced a ram in my life! So this was really my last chance. I dont know how to thank you!! It really worked and saved my computer and saved my media from being shared with the repairs' shop Thanks a million. I had this symptom this morning.

After rebooting many times, reinstalling Sierra, running disk utility, all without success, I finally got my desktop back bu typing my password on the black screen and hitting enter. I wonder how long this will continue. Many thanks, This solved my imac 27" issue. Hope this will not happen again. Christmas saved. Chris, You saved MY Christmas too. Like many here, I joined just to thank you.

Step 1: Power the Mac down

I woke up to a black screen. Thought I'd have to buy myself a new computer for Christmas. Not on my list, or in my budget. In the three years of using my MacBook Air, I have never had any major problems with it.

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It was totally reliable, even after I accidentally spilled coffee on it. However, updates in the macOS Sierra I initially blamed the update for this, but after I saw no similar reports from other users I started doing some digging. As it turns out, this problem predates Sierra and High Sierra by a couple of years.

Apple has not addressed it yet, but, don't panic: It is not clear what exactly is causing macOS to act up after installing an update, but it rears its ugly head after powering on the Mac. You can try to reboot or reset the PRAM and SMC -- the first things that Mac users can try when something isn't working right -- but that will not fix it. So, here is what you need to do. First, you need to shut down your Mac, if it's powered on.

Black screen blinking cursor! HELP PLEASE | MacRumors Forums

Pressing the power key for a couple of seconds will do the trick. Next, you have to boot your Mac in single-user mode. I was working through the guides here: I can boot up the install USB drive fine, the live OS will render, or i can jump to install immediately. I install Ubuntu to a partition, give it a swap area, set the boot loader to the Linux partition, let it install.

The install drive does boot to the BIOS purple accessibility screen as opposed to the black grub screen if that is helpful I read that somewhere, not sure of the sigificance but figured it might be helpful. The problem is that after install, rEFInd will open, I'll choose Ubuntu to boot and I get a black screen with a blinking cursor.

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