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Is it ready to use right away? Or do I have to install the basic minecraft server software too? Please respond, I'm hopeless without an explanation OfficialEmeraldCraft , Jun 6, Ready to use right away! IT works now This is the best auto bukkit serverstarter ever!! Wait is this only for premium users? Cracked users deserve to go to hell. TGRHavoc , inventorman , Garris0n and 6 others like this.

Personal Bukkit Server Setup (mac Only)

Vulcure , Jun 10, Now it won't start up again. I tried reinstalling the Auto-Bukkit-Server, and it still doesn't work! What do I do? ImminentFate , Jun 14, OK, so I did everything listed, and this happens in terminal. Is there any way to fix this, because the serevr isn't running. LazoDaSerb likes this.

ImminentFate , Jun 15, Ok Question once its setup what do I use for the ip? BrokenAngel13 , Jun 17, Ah ok Thanks! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Setting up a server - Official BukkitWiki

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How to make a FREE Minecraft server (Mac)!

Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Open up TextEdit and create a new file. Click on "Use Plain Text" in the menu.

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Step 5: Paste the following in to the document. Save the document as "start. You can edit this file to change the amount of RAM that your Minecraft server will use.

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Step 7: Press enter. Step 8: Navigate to the server folder you created in step 3 and double-click on the start. This will launch your server for the first time and create the files. It should come up with some error messages about missing files because they are not created. This is completely normal.

How to Make a Bukkit Server on a Macbook Laptop

You can use Terminal as the command prompt for your Minecraft server; it has super-admin powers. Installing Bukkit Requirements: Download the newest version of Bukkit here. The file should be called "craftbukkit. Navigate to your home folder Short Name and create a new folder called CraftBukkit.

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  • Drag the "craftbukkit. Keep reading to see how to install plugins.

    Download the plugin you want to put on your server and put in the folder labeled plugins, which is found by going into the server folder, going into the folder called CraftBukkit, and you will find the plugins folder there. Drag the plugin you downloaded into this folder. Start your server up again. If you see the name of the plugin you downloaded in chat, then great! It works! If you don't, the plugin is with out of date or you need to download other plugins to install it. The line that i highlighted says Plugins 1: By waffles Follow.

    More by the author: Go to this link to learn how to set up portmap: