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Only trial version is available. Accessing the full version requires an index number which is not available. What do you think about Sound Forge Pro? Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready.


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To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description.

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PROS Excellent editing and audio modification capabilities. No less than eleven DirectX plug-ins to enhance sound quality. CONS A minimum of megabytes of hard drive space is required for installation. After a day trial you will be required to purchase the full version of Sound Forge Pro. Softonic review Advertisement. Available Features and New Additions Sound Forge Pro provides you with the ability to repair and restore damaged tracks to record with the touch of a button to select from thousands of existing audio bytes and to utilise numerous post-production tools.

These are all great features if you have been looking for a system that delivers high-quality sound and enhanced usability. When Only the Best Will Do Sound Forge Pro is intended to be used by those who are looking for the highest quality in terms of audio editing software and playback capabilities. It supports nearly every audio format currently on the market and its multichannel recording capabilities are excellent when pristine quality is absolutely essential. After a one-time registration this software can be used without the need for an Internet connection.

Core benefits of the suite: Learn as you go Sony's "Show Me How" tutorials go beyond the booklets and basic tutorials that other solutions provide. These extraordinary helpers are built right into the software — just click Show Me How to access simple, interactive help on 15 topics. Capture from any source Plug a microphone or instrument into your computer's sound card and start recording directly into Sound Forge Audio Studio software.

Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Pro 10 Review

You can capture instruments, vocals, keyboards, and more. You can also import music from your own CDs and MP3s for instant mixing and editing. Powerful editing tools The software offers pro-level control over audio editing, EQ, volume, and effects processing. You can mix audio tracks, balance sound levels, and create custom fades. Something I found confusing was that transport controls are located at both the top of the interface and the bottom. The top buttons also include file controls, while the bottom set of buttons includes audio editing controls.

There are extensive keyboard shortcuts, but keyboard shortcuts can not be customized. And, for some reason, I could not get the space bar to consistently play a clip. Clicking the Play button always worked. Open sound files by double-clicking them in the Media Browser or dragging them into the Editor.

SOUND FORGE - The pioneer in audio editing

Here, for example, we are comparing a mono file on the left with a 6-channel surround file on the right. Notice that there are separate transport and editing controls under each file, as well as a global view at the top of each file. This can be even smaller, if you record at higher sample rates. Using the Pencil tool, we can also repaint samples to take out pops or clicks. This is a level of precision far in excess of what any video editing software provides.

10 Tips For Faster Editing in Sound Forge Pro 10

You would not generally set the level for a clip in Sound Forge, that would be done during mixing. Normalization is a fast way to make the levels of all your clips sound the same. The tools here are similar to the audio editing tools in the waveform sections of Adobe Audition or Apple Soundtrack Pro. The big benefit of Sound Forge Pro Mac compared to Soundtrack Pro, is that Sound Forge is bit, multiprocessor aware, and fully supported in all current Mac operating systems. I really like the audio level metering.

Sound Forge provides both standard peak meters and VU meters. Plus we have the ability to change the range of levels displayed, hold peaks the maximum level and valleys minimum level , and toggle the display of the VU meter. You can also make the meters as tall as the Left pane. Sound Forge Pro Mac includes basic audio repair tools from iZotope another well-established audio plug-in developer to remove clicks, pops, and noise from the clip.

These plug-ins are faster and, generally, better than trying to remove these artifacts manually. One of the real strengths of Sound Forge is its ability to quickly convert audio files from one format to another.

Sony also provides the ability to adjust individual settings within each format. Every video editor needs an audio editing tool in their tool kit. It is also very competitively priced.

State-of-the-Art Professional Audio Editing Software for Desktop Computers

Sony offers a day free trial, along with extensive on-line help and a page manual. Sound forge for mac is real fail. In compare to Windows version Mac version is something like joke….

Advanced Audio Editing

For a bit more money, Adobe Audition does a lot more. Your email address will not be published. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. Become a member of our Video Training Library today!